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GTI Tree Stakes on HUGE Monterrey Oaks

One of the first questions we get from contractors is whether the GTI Tree Stakes will perform in rocky terrain.  Well, showing is believing, so here ya go! These are LARGE 100 gallon Monterrey Oaks that we planted using the GTI Tree Stakes in some of the rockiest...

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GTI Tree Stake – Now Available for Retail

We are very excited to partner with GTI's great friend Rob Holloway Jr., of New Orleans Gardens in Longview, Texas, to sell the GTI Tree Stake to the public. Our patent pending underground tree support system is installed upon tree planting and is covered when...

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Use The GTI Stake System To Plant On Rock

There are times where the environment will work against you when planning and executing your landscaping designs. See how the Ginger Tree Innovations Stake System can help you work around these obstacles.

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