Our premiere product is the GTI-Stake (Tree Support System) which we are proud to have launched this year. You can learn more about that on our Products Page.

The GTI-Stake uses two pieces, aka the “saddle” and “stabilizer”, made of #3 (3/8 inch diameter) rebar that interlock to form a triangular shape that rests directly on top of the root ball. The stabilizer bar is then connected to the saddle and creates a proprietary locking and engagement system. This engagement system holds strong in any wind direction creating two engagement points at all times, holding the tree firmly in place, even in extreme high winds.

An ancillary use discovered by New Orleans Gardens Nursery owner Rob Holloway of Longview, Texas, found that the GTI-Stake is ideal for supporting his inventory of container trees from 7 to 65 gallons. Mr. Holloway believes they are the best method for protecting his stock from blow over damage by wind, a common problem for all nurseries.

“The GTI-Stake saves time, labor costs, prevents damage to the trees and tree surroundings, and provides the ability to rotate inventory location. They also create stable demonstration products to our storefront and can be painted to match branding or seasonal showpieces. The stakes can easily be sold and installed with the tree ensuring that the tree is supported, allowing any future purchasing agent to recoup the expense of purchasing a staking system.” – Rob Holloway, owner, New Orleans Gardens Nursery of Longview, TX.

Have you found another use for the GTI Stake System? If so, Contact Us and let us know!