Introducing:The GTI Stake (Patented)

Take it. Stake it. Leave it.

1 Minute Install Video. Enjoy.

NO posts. NO wires. NO removal.

NO damage to the tree or rootball.


Take it. Stake it. Leave it.

The GTI Tree Stake is a completely underground tree support system that supports the root ball allowing the tree to avoid blow over while the tree’s roots naturally take hold into the newly planted area.  The GTI Tree Stake is simply installed when the tree is placed in the planting hole, completely covered when the hole is backfilled with soil, and requires no wires, posts or any above ground presence whatsoever.  The best part is that there is no removal as the GTI Tree Stake will simply decompose into the Earth and actually provide iron for the tree for years to come.

How It Works 

For Landscape Architects

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How the GTI Tree Stake Came About

Ginger Tree Innovations is a user-centered-design product company solely focused on creating strong, sustainable and simple products for the landscape and agriculture industry with the most valuable asset in mind…our Earth. GTI was founded by Adam Atkins, Landscape Designer, and Roger Cunningham, veteran entrepreneur and marketer specializing in go-to-market product strategy.  We turn ideas into products from scratch; developing design, prototyping, testing (both user and environmental), writing patents and trademarks, developing manufacturing and distribution strategy, as well as product launch and marketing.

Our premiere product is the GTI-Stake (Tree Support System) which we are proud to have launched this year. The GTI-Stake is the idea of Landscape Designer Adam Atkins in response to his aversion to the use of above ground staking methods which hinders the growth, health, and the aesthetic natural beauty of the tree. Our development also centered on the design and materials in response to alternative underground support options lacking cost efficiency and thus are often cut out to meet certain budget requirements. Our product rivals traditional staking system prices, in no way harm the trees, have zero post planting labor, and is completely biodegradable!

Underground Tree Stake
The GTI-Stake uses two pieces, aka the “saddle” and “stabilizer”, made of #3 (3/8 inch diameter) rebar that interlock to form a triangular shape that rests directly on top of the root ball. The stabilizer bar is then connected to the saddle and creates a proprietary locking and engagement system. This engagement system holds strong in any wind direction creating two engagement points at all times, holding the tree firmly in place, even in extreme high winds.

Each point of the saddle is anchored by a #3 rebar stake, which can be substituted with a U shaped bracket when planting in rocky soils to reduce the driving depth of the stake. The stakes are then hammered into place just below the top of the root ball. The plant hole is back-filled with the selected fill and mulch is applied to the tree well. Over time the rebar will rust away back into the Earth so there is no need to remove the stakes and will provide the soil with iron that can be absorbed by the tree.

The reduction in cost was achieved by removing all welding and and focuses the design on bending and cutting. The GTI-Stake was designed so that one system can be made from a single 20ft piece of rebar leaving zero material waste. This allowed for the design to be simpler to install than above ground tree staking systems and reducing the cost of labor to install.

When designing the GTI-Stake, GTI’s driving focus was to create strong, sustainable, reliable and more cost-efficient products. This makes the GT-Stake much less expensive than typical below ground tree stakes and even rivals most above ground system’s pricing as well. By doing this, GTI removed the issue of below ground stakes not being a cost-efficient solution when planting a large number of trees and a viable option for large scope planting projects.